Cisco WLC – AP Group

The post contains quick notes about configuration AP Group on Cisco WLC 2106 (software version Continue Reading

Cisco AP – troubleshooting notes

This post contains notes related to troubleshooting Cisco APs (in autonomous mode) and wireless clients. Continue Reading

Cisco – logging process

This post contains quick notes about logging system on Cisco devices. Continue Reading

Cisco – configure date and time

The post shows how to configure date and time settings on Cisco device. Continue Reading


This post describes the difference between LINK and LINEPROTO syslog messages.
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Downloading Cisco IOS using FTP

This post contains quick notes about downloading Cisco IOS to device using FTP server.  Continue Reading

TFTP server

A few days ago, I tested a few tftp servers. Continue Reading

Cisco Rommon – IOS downloading

If for some reason your Cisco IOS doesn’t boot properly then Cisco device stays into ROMMON (a mini operating system that boot the actual IOS).
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Cisco Flash File System – Cheat Sheet

This post contains examples of Cisco Flash File System commands. Continue Reading

Simple freeware SNMP manager

If you need to test SNMP agent on your network device you can use a simple freeware SNMP manager. Continue Reading