Upgrading WLC

This post is about upgrading operating software on Cisco WLC 2106. Continue Reading

Wireless MESH network

This post contains short notes about Cisco wireless MESH network. Continue Reading

Configuring H-REAP

This post contains notes about H-REAP configuration. Continue Reading

Discovering WLC – DHCP option 43

Cisco LAP (lightweight AP) can discover WLC IP address via DHCP option 43. Continue Reading

Manually Configuring the LAP

How to assign static IP/CAPWAP configuration to Cisco LAP before registering to controller? Continue Reading


Cisco WLC can act as DHCP server for wireless clients or DHCP proxy agent for wireless clients. Continue Reading

LAP registration to WLC

This post is about troubleshooting Cisco LAP connection to WLC.  Continue Reading

Converting Cisco AP from LAP to Autonomous

This Post contains the instruction how to convert Cisco AP from LAP (lightweight AP) to Autonomous mode. Continue Reading

Cisco WLC – DHCP Proxy for clients

This post contains quick notes about configuring DHCP Proxy option  on  Cisco WLC 2106 (software version Continue Reading

Cisco WLC – DHCP Bridging Mode

This post contains quick notes about configuration a Cisco WLC 2106 (soft. ver. for DHCP Bridging Mode. Continue Reading