Category: Quick Notes

Cisco AP – telnet with Radius

This post shows how to configure Cisco AP to authenticate telnet clients with external Radius server. It also contains information how to configure radius server (freeradius) for that option.
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Cisco device – local credentials

This post describes some notes about locally stored Cisco usernames, passwords and privileges. Continue Reading

Cisco AP – basic configuration

This post shows how to configure a basic AP settings which you must configure to run WLAN. The AP is configured with Open Authentication (no password required). Continue Reading

Discover IP/MAC address of Cisco device

If a Cisco device has CDP protocol enabled you can easily discover it’s IP and MAC addresses. You have to connect the device to your laptop (via network interface) and run Wireshark application. Continue Reading

Cisco Aironet AP – reset to default settings

This post describes how to reset the Cisco Aironet APs to the default (factory) settings Continue Reading

Cisco HSRP

This post contains short notes about HSRP protocol. Continue Reading