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F5 Request Logging Profile

It is a short note how to log all http requests/responses from your virtual server using Request Logging Profile.
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F5 Node monitor vs pool monitor

F5 health monitors can be used to monitor nodes and pool memebers.
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F5 Node icon status

This short post is a cheat sheet about icons which indicate node status.
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Routing on F5 via mngt interface

If you configure your LTM F5 device to use TACACS authentication you must configure the routing properly. Continue Reading

Archiving and restoring Cisco configuration

Have you ever been in a situation that, you typed many commands on your Cisco device and after that you came to conclusion that your new configuration does not work as you expected? Continue Reading

EIGRP and OSPF advertised routes

Today I was examining what happens if a router learned a route via EIGRP which is also known via static route entry. Continue Reading

Routing table investigation: longer-prefixes keyword

When router makes decision which route use to forward a packet then the route with the longest match is used. “Longest match” means the route with the longest mask. Continue Reading


This post shows how to configure VACLs (Vlan access lists).
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LACP configuration

This post shows example how to configure LACP and verify that it works properly. Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP) is open standard protocol for aggregating links into one virtual channel (in comparision to PAgP which is similar but Cisco proprietary protocol).
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Tips about configuring Ethernet port on Cisco switch

At first glance there is nothing special about configuring Ethernet port on Cisco switch. Continue Reading