Manually Configuring the LAP

How to assign static IP/CAPWAP configuration to Cisco LAP before registering to controller?

For example you have a new Cisco LAP on your desk but WLC is in different LAN (so it cannot be discovered automatically). Here is configuration you must apply via CLI in order to setup static IP/CAPWAP configuration on your LAP.

AP0021.55ff.6497#capwap ap ip address
AP0021.55ff.6497#capwap ap ip default-gateway
AP0021.55ff.6497#capwap ap controller ip address // point on management or ap-manager IP of WLC 
AP0021.55ff.6497#capwap ap hostname ap-001 // name it so you can find it when it joins WLC

AP0021.55ff.6497#show capwap ip config

LWAPP Static IP Configuration
IP Address
IP netmask
Default Gateway
Primary Controller

Note – you don’t have to issue any “write” or “save” commands (even restart of the LAP will not erase these settings).

Now your LAP will join to WLC and you can edit its settings via WLC GUI. The following pictures shows unmodified LAP settings just after it joined to the WLC.

IP address is

AP ip

WLC ip (configured on LAP) is

WLC ip



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