Cisco WLC – AP Group

The post contains quick notes about configuration AP Group on Cisco WLC 2106 (software version AP Group connects three objects:

  1. Dynamic Interface
  2. WLAN
  3. AP list

AP Group contains the list of WLANs. Every WLAN is mapped to the specified Dynamic Interface and mapped to the AP list.

The following picture shows the configuration which will be presented with more details.

Mind Map

The following screenshots shows how to define the Dynamic Interface, WLAN and AP List on Cisco WLC controller.

Define Dynamic Interface

Add new Dynamic Interface and map it to VLAN 4

Add new Dynamic Interface

Edit Dynamic Interface settings: map it to the Physical Interface 3 and setup Interface IP address (you can PING this address from your wireless client to validate connection to the controller).

Edit Dynamic Interface settings

Define WLAN

Define WLAN

Define a new WLAN with Staff SSID

Define WLAN


Enable WLAN and map it to staff-vlan Dynamic Interface. This mapping will be overridden in AP Group definition later.

Edit WLAN General settings

Edit WLAN Security settings (no authentication/encryption in this example)

Edit WLAN Security settings

Edit WLAN advanced settings. In this example I assume that the client has static IP address, so you can ignore all DHCP settings (I will explain DHCP options in another post). Actually you can accept default options on this page.

Edit WLAN advanced settings

Define AP Group

There is default-group AP group defined. All new WLANs and APs are inserted into this group.

Default AP Group

Add a new AP group.

Add WLAN to the AP group

Add Staff WLAN to the group. In this step you also define which Dynamic Interface will be used by this WLAN (staff-vlan). Remeber that Dynamic Interface actually define VLAN and physical interface.


In the end add APs the the group. All APs in this group will advertise Staff WLAN. Staff-vlan Dynamic Interface will be used for connection into wired network.

Add AP the group


  1. You cannot edit WLAN -> Dynamic interface mapping into AP Group. You have to remove the mapping  and define it again.It is inconvenient  because the AP Group contains also the AP list.WLC APGR 9
  2. You cannot remove Dynamic Interface until it is used by AP Group.
  3. You can add a specific WLAN to the specific AP Group only once – for example you cannot add a Staff WLAN twice to the SchoolGroup AP Group mapping it to the two different Dynamic Interfaces.

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