Cisco – configure date and time

The post shows how to configure date and time settings on Cisco device.

// Use sntp server
ap(config)# sntp server
// Configure Polish timezone
ap(config)# clock timezone CET 1
ap(config)# clock summer-time CET recurring last Sun Mar 2:00 last Sun Oct 3:00
ap(config)# end
ap#show clock
23:35:56.854 CET Sun Dec 20 2015

// Configure log time: date (with year) + time (with msec) + local timezone
ap(config)# service timestamps log datetime localtime msec show-timezone year
ap(config)# service timestamps debug datetime localtime msec show-timezone year


ap# show clock
*15:02:29.539 UTC Sun Oct 18 2015 
ap# show clock
09:43:50.252 CET Mon Dec 28 2015

Note: The leading asterisk before the time indicates that the time is not guaranteed to be accurate (for example NTP server could not be contacted for a while).

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