fping – improved ping

fping is a nice and simple application which adds some enhancements to the standardized ping command.You can download and use it for free from the publisher site: http://www.kwakkelflap.com/.

Some benefits are:

  1. Record timestamp
  2. Ping multiple hosts with one simple command
  3. Beep on every successful or unsuccessful reply

Example of use

The command below pings the IP address continuously, record the timestamp, uses 1500 bytes, waits 7000 ms for replay and beeps when timeout occurs.

D:\>fping.exe -D -T -c -s 1500 -w 7000 -b-

2015/08/31 23:20:13.898 : Reply[1] from bytes=1500 time=86.9 ms  TTL=54
2015/08/31 23:20:14.992 : Reply[2] from bytes=1500 time=93.3 ms  TTL=54
2015/08/31 23:20:16.080 : Reply[3] from bytes=1500 time=87.1 ms  TTL=54
2015/08/31 23:20:17.173 : Reply[4] from bytes=1500 time=92.4 ms  TTL=54
2015/08/31 23:20:18.260 : Reply[5] from bytes=1500 time=85.5 ms  TTL=54
2015/08/31 23:20:19.355 : Reply[6] from bytes=1500 time=94.4 ms  TTL=54
2015/08/31 23:20:20.436 : Reply[7] from bytes=1500 time=80.3 ms  TTL=54
2015/08/31 23:20:21.526 : Reply[8] from bytes=1500 time=89.1 ms  TTL=54

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